An automatic door is a door that opens automatically, usually on sensing
the approach of a person.The simple innovation of Greendii automatic
slide door is a high efficiency with best quality of service and long term
Safety system is the one on main concepts of the GREENDII design principle. It provides the
safest door operation environment, offering pedestrians the best prevention of door collision
(Auto Reverse System).The doors will return to the open position no matter where they encounter
an object.
Powerful Motor
A high-performance sliding door needs an high efficiency motor with high torque for
guarantee door speed fast and stable opening and closing. The motor which we provide
always high efficiency, high torque and low cogging torque in order to maintain stable ,
smooth operation and long term performance
PU Tooth Belt
PU tooth belt with sling cable inside has many out Standing properties. Obviously the PU wear
resistance which is far greater than any other plastic or rubber materials, non-porous and chemically
insert material that is particularly suited for food and electronics industry applications.

Continuous operation test of Greendii automatic slide door more than 3,000,000 times open and close
that with out any broken of parts,that can verify our automatic door system is high-efficiency and
long term performance.